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Why You Need An Inspection When Purchasing A Used Car

Purchasing a used car can be a great way to save money if you are on a budget, especially if it is a private seller. Unfortunately, when a car is used, you can never be too sure about what condition the car is in. That is why you might want to consider having a mechanic do an inspection of your used car before you agree to purchase it. The mechanic will be able to inspect the following things on the car for potential problems.


A mechanic can inspect the brakes to see if they are worn down and need replacement soon. They will also inspect the rotor for damage at the same time. Brake problems can involve extensive repair and be expensive to fix, and might mean that it is not safe driving the car as well.


The tires on a car eventually do need to be replaced, so it should not be a big surprise if the tread is worn down. But it is not a purchase you want to make soon after buying a used car. Your mechanic will be able to inspect the tread and tell you exactly how much is left on the tires, and estimate how many more miles it will be until the tires need to be replaced. They will also check the tires to see if they have been rotated or balanced during their lifetime.

Transmission, Engine, and Radiator

It is important to look for any components that are corroding, or damaged belts, when inspecting the transmission and radiator of the car. These can be very expensive to repair if there is a problem with them. A mechanic will test the motor as well at different gears, and will be able to tell you if the car's engine has been properly maintained over the years.

Background Check

You may want to look into the history of the car you are interested in, and you can do it if you know the car's VIN number. You can verify the correct mileage of the car, if you have an accurate history of the previous owners, and find out if the car was ever involved in a major accident. It will help raise some red flags that will stop you from purchasing a salvaged car, or a car with tampered mileage.

If you need to feel assured that the car you are buying is top quality, remember that you can buy your car from a used car dealer instead of a private seller. They will inspect all these items for you, and even offer a warranty guaranteeing that you will not have problems with the car immediately after purchasing it.