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3 Must-Have Features For Your UTV Trailer

Owning recreational vehicles can offer you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in exciting and innovative ways. In order to transport your recreational vehicles to popular off-roading destinations, you will likely need to invest in a UTV trailer.

Purchasing a trailer with the right features will simplify your outdoor experience. Here are three must-have features to be looking for as you shop for a UTV trailer in the future.

1. Flexible loading options.

Loading your recreational vehicles onto your trailer can be challenging, especially if you plan to haul several vehicles on a single trailer. As you look to invest in a UTV trailer, be sure that you are looking for a trailer that offers flexible loading options.

Having the ability to load vehicles from either the rear or the side of the trailer will give you the greatest amount of control over the placement of your recreational vehicles during transit in the future. Be sure that the trailer you purchase has attachments for loading ramps on both the sides and rear of the trailer.

2. Integrated tie-down system.

Although your recreational vehicles are quite heavy, securing them to your trailer during transport is still essential when it comes to ensuring safe transit. Having the ability to use tie-down straps to secure your vehicles to your trailer can make preparing your load for transport a lot easier.

As you evaluate potential UTV trailers, be sure that you are looking for a trailer that offers an integrated tie-down system. These trailers will have D-rings that are connected to the frame of the trailer running the length of the floorboards. Tie-down straps can be woven through these D-rings to stabilize your recreational vehicles as you travel down the road in the future.

3. Spare tire storage.

Blowing a tire while hauling your recreational vehicles can be devastating, but if you have a trailer that features spare tire storage you will be able to get back on the road quickly. Look for a UTV trailer that offers a full-size spare tire, not a donut.

Donut tires are undersized and cannot withstand the weight of a fully loaded trailer for more than 70 miles. Having a full-size spare allows you to continue enjoying your outdoor excursion without worrying about replacing a donut.

Purchasing a UTV trailer represents a large financial investment. Be sure you are investing in a trailer that will meet your needs by looking for a trailer with flexible load options, an integrated tie-down system, and storage for a full-size spare tire.

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