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Signs Of A Good Used Car

Just because you are buying a used car doesn't mean you should end up with a jalopy. There are good used cars in excellent conditions that can serve you almost as well as brand new cars. The following are some of the telltale signs of a good used car.

Few Owners

People treat their cars in different ways. Some people take their cars for service without fail and take prompt care of malfunctions. Others don't seem to care as long as their cars can still move. People also use their cars in different ways; some use their car's gently while others drive their cars hard. The more owners a car has had, the more likely that some of the owners might not have taken good care of the car.

Clear Service Records

Although cars differ in reliability, any car will be problematic if it is not properly serviced. Therefore, regular and appropriate service is necessary, and the only way to know whether this is the case with your target car is to scrutinize the service records. You should be suspicious of a used car without service records.

Few Repair Issues

Most cars experience an issue or two in their lifetime, and that is normal. What you should be worried about is a used car that has numerous repair issues in its history. It might be that the car was used in the wrong way, driven by negligent motorists, poorly serviced, flood-damaged, or involved in too many accidents.

All Issues Resolved

A recurring problem with a car is a red flag. It is best to have several issues that have been appropriately fixed than to have a couple of issues that keep recurring even after repair. This is especially true if the issues require expensive repairs. For example, a car that has had multiple visits to the repair shop for transmission issues is not a good car.

No or Minimal Modifications

Lastly, you should also watch out for cars that have been modified, especially those that have been heavily modified. Modifications are not universally bad; it depends on the modified part, its effects, and who did the modification. For example, modifying complex parts such as the transmission or engine can lead to myriad problems, especially if the modification wasn't handled by an experienced professional.

In addition to the above signs, you should be careful about where you source your used vehicles for sale. Ideally, you should deal with a dealership since they tend to have better cars and inventory than, say, individual sellers.