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Things To Consider Before You Buy A Dump Trailer

Trailers can be handy for many different jobs, especially if you need to dump a load directly from the trailer to the ground. There are many options available and different styles of dump trailers to choose from, but there are a few things to consider before you decide which trailer is best for your application.

Trailer Hitch Design

Connecting your new trailer to your vehicle can require a specific type of trailer hitch on the vehicle and can be different depending on your tow vehicle. If you are towing the trailer with a car, you will need to have a hitch installed that connects to the vehicle's frame for most dump trailers. Pulling a trailer that can dump with a car typically limits the trailer's size to a small trailer, limiting the jobs you can do with it.

Larger dump trailers often have heavy-duty hitch systems on them, and some are large enough that a gooseneck hitch is needed to support the trailer and tow it safely when it is loaded. Gooseneck trailers require a truck that has the hitch mounted in the bed of the truck. This allows you to pull a larger trailer, and larger trucks can tow larger trailers. 

Electric Brakes

Many dump trailers came equipped with electric brakes that can be activated when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle. The brakes on the trailer will help slow down the trailer without adding additional strain on the tow vehicle's braking system. 

Electric brakes are often chosen for this application because the system can be added to the writing harness used on the trailer and connects the lights to the tow vehicle. The system will start to apply the brakes as you apply the brakes, and the control box in your truck will increase the braking force more as you apply the brakes more. 

When you are looking at dump trailers for sale, talk to the dealer about the brake options for the trailer you are considering and if the dealer can install the braking system in your tow vehicle for you. Most dealers that sell trailers can install hitches, lights and electrical connectors, and electric brakes for you when you. 

Trailer Capacity

Dump trailers come in different sizes and capacities, so you will need to talk to the dealer about the size trailer you need. In some cases, you need the space to haul a lot of material that is not overly heavy, but the larger the trailer is, the more weight it can carry in most cases.

Choosing a dump trailer for your needs may mean buying a larger weight capacity trailer than you really need, but in the long run, having the extra capacity could come in handy down the road.