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5 Futuristic Car Features for Your Next Car

Some car features make you feel like you are really living in the future. When you look for a new vehicle, be sure to keep your eye out for futuristic car features that enhance the fun and safety of your vehicle.

Car Feature #1: Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots used to be things that trendy businesses offered to get you to come in. Now you can have your own Wi-Fi hotspot inside of your vehicle. With a Wi-Fi hotspot, you and your passengers can connect to your very own internet connection, and you don't have to drain your data plan, which is so easy to do.

With a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can sit in your parked car at lunch and watch a movie without worrying about draining your data plan. Your kids can get their homework done in the car. Your spouse can stream all the podcasts they want without worrying.

Car Feature #2: Full Viewing Camera

The rear-view camera was revolutionary when it came out, and now it is just a standard feature on most vehicles. A complete viewing camera is the next version of the rear-view camera. Instead of just letting you see behind your car, it allows you to see all around your vehicle. The sensors that will enable you to see around your vehicle will also provide you with information about what is around you, helping save you from all types of collisions with other cars and objects.

Car Feature #3: Magical Opening Trunks

When you need to open up your trunk, there is a good chance that you may be holding something and have your hands full. To help you out, many vehicles have magical opening trunks. All you need to do to experience this magic is to get close to your trunk with your smart key in your pocket or on your person, and your trunk will automatically open up for you, saving you from having to do a balancing act with your keys and objects.

Car Feature #4: Self-Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows, whether in your home or your car, is a drag. It's easy to spend time cleaning your windows, only to step back and realize that they don't really look that much cleaner. This is where hydrophobic windows come into play. The glass is coated with a special material that keeps dirt and rain from settling your windows, keeping them clean without any effort on your part.

Car Feature #5: Massaging Seats

Sometimes, when you sit down in your car after a long day at work, your back hurts. That is where a massaging car seat comes into play. This type of car seat provides you with different massage modes and pressures you can choose from, allowing you to relax on your drive home.

Hovercrafts may not be a thing yet, but there are still many futuristic-looking features on modern cars. Have fun while shopping and look for some of these futuristic features on your next car. 

If you have questions about what features may be available, you can contact an auto dealer in your area such as a nissan dealership