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What To Look For When Buying A New Skid Loader Trailer

If you need to transport your skid steer to various job sites, you need safe transportation. A typical trailer isn't designed to carry a skid steer because of the way weight is distributed. Plus, you'll probably also transport heavy attachments along with the skid steer, and that makes it even more important to have the right trailer. Here's what to look for when buying a skid loader trailer.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is important since skid steers have different weights depending on if the vehicle is small or large. You also need to calculate the weight of gas in the tank and the attachments and supplies you'll carry.

Figure out the maximum weight you might need and then make sure the skid loader trailer you buy can handle that much weight plus a little more for a safety margin. The trailers are rated according to weight capacity, so picking a good match for your needs is easy as long as you calculate the anticipated weight correctly.


Skid loader trailers come in different lengths and widths. Learn the measurements of your skid steer, especially if you have a wide one or use wide attachments. When thinking about width, be sure the width exceeds the width of the skid steer by a safe amount.

Loading and unloading could be dangerous if there isn't enough room on the side of the skid steer to maneuver on and off the trailer. Wide trailers gain available space by extending the deck over the tires while more narrow trailers have the deck between the wheels, so they're a little lower to the ground.

The length is important to consider too if you'll haul supplies with your skid steer such as bags of soil, sod, or other things that take up a lot of room. However, a longer and wider skid loader trailer is more difficult to handle on the road, and you might even need a CDL to drive a large trailer that carries a lot of weight, so choosing the size of your trailer takes careful thought.


Skid loader trailers come in two basic styles: flat trailer and dump trailer. Equipment and supplies can be secured with chains and straps to a flat trailer. A dump trailer has side walls so it can be used to carry loose dirt and gravel when the skid steer is not being carried.

A skid loader dump trailer can also carry a skid loader and attachments once they've been secured. A dump trailer might give you more flexibility in the type of work you can do, but you may prefer a flat trailer if you don't have the need to haul things that require side walls.

For more information on skid loader trailers, contact a company near you.